[DOWNLOAD] Professional trader - Core Strategy Course [DOWNLOAD] {3.9GB}

[DOWNLOAD] Professional trader - Core Strategy Course [DOWNLOAD] {3.9GB}

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Product Description

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Course Type: On Location, Online

Duration:On Location - 7 days, Days are approximately 6.5 hours
Online course also available.



In OTA’s Core Strategy Course, you learn the mechanics of how the markets really work. It is is designed to teach you how to trade and invest like a pro through dynamic skill-building lessons and hands on trading. Through a step-by-step, rule-based strategy, you learn the fundamentals to consistently identify these trading and investing opportunities. The best part, this can be applied to any asset class – Stocks, Futures, Forex, and Options.

Introducing you to the Trade Blue Print and our step-by-step process will get you started on the pathway to identifying those opportunities in a market robust enough to overwhelm the most eager amateur. Are you ready to learn the knowledge and develop the skills to become a well-educated and practiced trader and investor?

Course Objective

To clearly understand the logic behind why Core Strategy works, learn to properly apply our rule-based Core Strategy to find short term and long-term opportunities applicable to all asset classes.

What You'll Learn

  • The basics of supply and demand and how the markets really work
  • A step-by-step process to mechanically identify and execute trade opportunities
  • Trade management techniques for proper risk management and understanding the importance of proper reward-to-risk ratios
  • How to develop a Trade plan and evolve it as you knowledge and skill grow

Why Trade Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

  • Liquidity – Strong liquidity allows for immediate execution with minimal slippage
  • Price Range – Many ETFs with different price points allows you to trade within a comfortable price range
  • Commissions – With commissions as low as $0.01 per share, the transaction cost for execution is minimal
  • Flexibility – Access to markets indices, market sectors, treasuries, currencies, metals, commodities, etc.
  • Diversification – Ability to trade markets of a different nature
  • Risk – Ability to trade very small position size (10 shares) while learning to gain real trading experience


This course is designed for students of all experience levels who are serious about becoming a confident trader or investor.


The Online Student Orientation and Core Strategy Pre-Essential videos are recommended pre-requisites for this course. No trading experience is required.


  • Each day’s agenda contains step-by-step interactive lectures led by an experienced instructor, combined with multiple real-time lab trading and analysis sessions focusing on market analysis and trade execution
  • Small, intimate classroom size providing individual attention from your instructor
  • Each student is provided a classroom computer or online lab access for a hands-on, skill-building environment

A library of self-paced video lessons and assessments introducing basic market terminology and a review of the Core Strategy Trade Blueprint.


Terminology: Learn the language of trading and investing, as well as the basic terminology of supply and demand.

Core Strategy – Supply and Demand: Learn how the markets really work – understanding the fundamentals of supply and demand, the factors that cause price to fluctuate.

Core Strategy – 2 Key Novice Mistakes: Understand the two common mistakes of novice traders and investors and why they consistently make these mistakes.

Core Strategy – Formations: Learn to recognize the trade formations (candle patterns) that represent quality supply and demand zones – understanding what action to take, buy or sell, and where/when to take that action.

Zones: Learn the elements of supply and demand zones, and how to measure the quality of a zone through incorporating the Odds Enhancers.

Zone-ing: Learn how to apply the 5-Step process for identifying supply and demand zones.

Candlesticks: Learn to visually differentiate the two types of candles – leg candles and base candles – in order to properly identify opportunities.

Base Isolation Technique: technique incorporated to help you draw zone lines with precision.


Core Strategy – Chart Time Frames: Using more than one timeframe to understand trade formation in a larger context.

Core Strategy – Trade BluePrint: Become mechanical by following a step-by-step process for every trade. The Blue Print outlines OTA’s approach to a consistent trade plan.

Core Strategy – Curve Analysis: Identify the location of supply and demand zones in a bigger context, to understand if it’s the right time to join the trend or not.

Core Strategy – Trend Analysis: Learn what trend is, how to identify an uptrend, downtrend or sideways trend, and how to properly assess the trend direction for the trade opportunity.

Core Strategy – Decision Matrix: Combine the elements of Core Strategy – the curve and trend analyses – to determine the “big picture” context of the trade opportunity.

Core Strategy – Odds Enhancers: Identify specific characteristics of the zone that imply an increased probability of an entered trade. Assess the overall quality of the trade through a step-by-step scoring system.

Core Strategy – Entries and Exits: Gain a solid understanding of the various entry types, the advantages and disadvantages to each and what they are used for. Learn the two ways to exit a trade with stops and targets, along with when and how they should be used.


Risk Management: Understand the outcomes of trading, pitfalls of reckless trading, and the importance of risk management and applying Reward-to-Risk Ratios in your trading decisions.

Position Sizing: Define the proper position size in order to manage risk correctly, as well as understanding account terminology involved with margin and cost.

Bracket Orders: Practice set-and-forget order placement with visually advanced tools.

Economic Reports: What are economic reports, how to prepare for them, and use them as a source of trading opportunities.


Gaps: Defining different types of gaps, how they can impact the probability of trading opportunities and how to take advantage of different gap opportunities.

Trade Management: Trade management can be as actively or passively involved as the trader wishes. Learn different ways of managing trades by moving stops, taking profits, or leaving your trade alone.

Logging Trades: Learn the importance of logging your trades as a key component to evolving as a trader, use OTA’s Trade Tracker.

Bracket Orders using the Order Bar:
Practice set-and-forget order placement with the most universal order placement tools.

Create your WatchList: nderstand the value of keeping a narrowed list of quality markets to focus on each trading day. Learn the elements/characteristics of quality markets to be added to your WatchList, regardless of asset class.


Monitor Reports: Stay in front of economic reports and learn about the opportunities they create with proper trade management ahead of major news reports.

Review Results: Build confidence in your trade plan and your ability to consistently identify quality trade opportunities. Identify the areas of improvement, as well as confirm the areas of excellence to build your skill, and learn from your mistakes, avoiding them becoming bad habits.

Analysis Techniques: Most conventional technical analysis traders use analysis techniques – indicators and oscillators – as their primary decision-making tool in the financial markets. Understand why this is flawed, and how their used for when trading and investing.

Your Trading Plan: Creating a set of rules that guide their trades is what banks and institutions do to stack odds in their favor, and they follow these rules. Develop these rules, and formalize your trade plan – the most important guide to help you treat your trading as a business, and create a plan designed to increase your likelihood of success.

DAY 6 & DAY 7

Lab Exercises: Practice makes permanent! Real-time trading and analysis practice in a lab environment, focusing on market analysis and trade execution. Develop the skill to identify quality trade opportunities under the guidance of your instructor.

Final Exam and Graduation: Put your knowledge and skills to the test!

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